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Features & Benefits

Below are some of the features and benefits that Mail Filter customers enjoy:

Feature Benefits
No software or configuration
  • Use the service from any computer
  • No changes to your DNS settings
  • Very simple and easy to use
Disposable email addresses
  • Keep your private email address secret
  • Stop spam with our custom mail filters
  • Discover who is spamming you
Custom spam filter
  • Filter spam sent to your Mail Filter account
  • Filter spam in your current email account
  • Customize the spam filter sensitivity
Send anonymous email
  • Don't give out your personal email address
  • Send email from a disposable email address
  • Send messages to people from any computer
Flexible mail filters
  • Block particular kinds of emails
  • Forward and copy emails to other people
  • Send auto-replies when you're on holiday
Read email via RSS feeds
  • Easy to see if you have new email
  • Check that your filters are working
  • Integrate Mail Filter into your life
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