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Filtering Your Inbox

Disposable email addresses can't stop someone from sending spam to you directly if they know your private email address. That's where Mail Filter's inbox filtering service can help you. We can fetch, filter and forward email that's already in your inbox, to remove any spam and viruses. This is a great way to solve your spam problem right now, without installing any special software or changing your email address.

How it works

Here are the steps you need to take to filter spam and viruses from your inbox:
  1. Sign in to use Mail Filter
  2. Click Fetch mail in the menu
  3. Enter your email account login details
  4. Tick the "Delete from my inbox" option *
  5. Click the "Fetch mail" button
  6. We will fetch, filter and forward your mail
* We need to delete from your inbox, so we can filter out spam and viruses.

Mail Filter will fetch all the email from your inbox, quarantine spam, delete viruses, then return the good email to your inbox. If we've made a mistake (a "false positive") you can easily receive the email by unchecking the spam tick next to the message. We will send you regular reports to help you double-check our filtering. This way, you never lose your genuine email.

Automatic inbox filtering

To have Mail Filter automatically filter your inbox every 5 minutes, you can save your email account login details by clicking the "Save" button. This is a great way to ensure your inbox is always kept clean from spam and viruses.
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