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Disposable Addresses

Disposable email addresses are simply addresses that you can "switch off" if they are abused by spammers. Instead of giving out your private email address, you tell people your Mail Filter address. When they send email to Mail Filter, we check it's not spam, apply your custom mail filters, then forward the email to your private email address.

How it works

To protect you, we give you an infinite number of disposable email addresses. For example, Mail Filter customer "richard" uses the email addresses:
  • richard@mail-filter.com - for Richard's trusted friends
  • richard.amazon@mail-filter.com - for Richard's Amazon orders
  • richard.news@mail-filter.com - for Richard's news subscriptions
  • richard.work@mail-filter.com - for Richard's work colleagues
  • etc, there are infinite combinations!
Richard's real email address is private - only we know where to send his mail. If people at Richard's work start sending him unsolicited bulk email (spam) he can configure Mail Filter to increase the spam filtering for mail sent to richard.work@mail-filter.com.

Filtering spam

Richard doesn't need to make a custom filter because we automatically filter out spam.
He can increase or decrease the spam filter sensitivity by editing his contact details.

Stopping spam sent to an address

Richard is receiving spam sent to richard.news@mail-filter.com so he makes the filter:
  • If has the label "news" and spam score over 20%, save as spam
This filter stops all spam sent to richard.news@mail-filter.com, but his other labels are unaffected. (The default spam threshold is 50%, but this can miss some spam email.) By choosing "save as spam", Richard can override the filter if genuine email is saved by mistake.

Stopping all mail to an address

Richard receives only spam at richard.news@mail-filter.com so he makes the filter:
  • If has the label "news", discard
This filter stops email sent to richard.news@mail-filter.com, but his other labels still work. You should only use a filter like this if you are happy to block all email sent to the address.

Filtering spam containing text

Richard wants to filter spam sent to richard@mail-filter.com so he makes the filter:
  • If has the label "blank" and contains text "free offers, viagara", discard
This filter stops emails sent to richard@mail-filter.com that contain "free offers" or "viagara". Notice how the comma-separated list can include as many terms as you like.

Forwarding mail containing text

Richard wants to forward company invoices sent to richard.work@mail-filter.com so he makes the filter:
  • If has the label "work" and contains text "invoice", forward to accounts@company.com
This will forward email containing "invoice" to accounts@company.com.
Richard can choose to forward, copy or even SMS the email instead.

Sending auto-replies

Richard is going on holiday for a week so he makes the filter:
  • If has the label "any", reply with "I'm on vacation"
This will reply to all Richard's incoming email with the message "I'm on vacation." He could add extra information about his return date and other contact details.

Reading mail by RSS feed

All Richard's email that isn't discarded or forwarded by his filters is avilable via RSS feeds. This makes it easy to check for new email via your news reader program (e.g. Mozilla Firefox).
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