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Terms & Conditions

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The Mail Filter service is provided by Legendum LLC (US) and Legendum Ltd (UK).

You may not:
  • Publish any Mail Filter address on unsolicited bulk email
  • Use your Mail Filter customer account to break the law
  • Misrepresent Mail Filter by claiming any association
  • Instigate or assist any legal action against Legendum
You accept that:
  • Legendum is not legally liable for any loss of data
  • Legendum offers you no warranties or guarantees of any kind
  • Legendum may periodically contact you by email with notifications
We may terminate your account if:
  • We believe you are involved in sending unsolicited bulk email
  • You claim that we engage in sending unsolicited bulk email
  • Your internet use is in breach of the laws of Delaware, USA or England, UK
  • You receive an excessive volume of email and are unwilling to pay *
  • You threaten or take legal action against Legendum LLC (US) or Ltd (UK)
* Please see our prices for details.
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